Officer Achim Dieterich

Although I am a police officer in Germany, the fraternity of law enforcement officers knows no international boundaries. Coming to America and running to raise money for the families of American fallen law enforcement officers would be an honor like no other. No matter where you are in the world, law enforcement officers put our lives on the line every time we go to work. Our job is to protect and serve the public, sometimes paying the ultimate sacrifice in doing so. The officers that give their lives in public service have husbands, wives, and children at home who loved them and depended on them. This is when those families directly need our support, and one of the missions of the Fraternal Order of Police is to be there for those families in their darkest hour.  With the goal of raising funds for these grieving families, I am running from Vero Beach to Clearwater Florida for Law Enforcement Survivors. My goal is to collect pledges from the community and businesses for every mile I run. These funds will be directly used to help the families of our fallen heroes. I will be doing this run for my American brothers and sisters knowing they would be there for my family too if I were to pay the ultimate sacrifice.


  • Ludwigsburg, South Germany
  • Age: 49
  • Married, two children
  • Commissioner of the Police Department Ludwigsburg (South-Germany)
  • Instructor of police students
  • Running and Aqua-Fitness Coach
  • Passionate Ultrarunner
  • Races Results:
    • 2nd Place over all 50K Clearwater Running Festival 2019
    • 1st (8th overall) 10K in Ensingen (Germany) in Agegroup 2019
    • 2nd (7th overall) HM in Mühlacker (Germany) in Agegroup 2019
    • Project run4ko 2018/fundraise (5 Stages in 5 days with 315 km from Ludwigsburg to sister-city Montbeliard in France) for people in Burkina Faso (West Africa)
    • 2nd Place HM in Puhala / Big Island/Hawaii in Agegroup 2018
    • 3rd Place 10K City Run of Ludwigsburg Agegroup 2018
    • 1st Place 5K Bellair Running Festival (Florida) Agegroup 2017 
    • 1st Place Agegroup/Running Police Championship 2016
    • Various front places in Ultras and other Races with different distances